Do you need health insurance for residence permit?

Many non Greek citizens are required to have a special private health insurance policy in οrder to obtain or to renew their residence permit in Greece

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Since 2012 we are the first insurance agency that provides non Greek citizens with

All the necessary benefits

Everything that a policy should cover in order to be suitable for residence permit

Automated procedures

The fastest and easiest way to get your insurance policy from anywhere in Greece

Low annual fees

The minimum insurance premiums possible starting from 69€


The legislation is precise

Since 2014 there are specific criteria for an insurance policy in order to be suitable for residence permit

Hospitalization expenses up to 10.000€

Expenses in a Public Greek Hospital

Outpatient expenses up to 1.500€

Expenses for medical tests, doctor visits and medication provided by Greek Public Hospitals

Permanent disability compensation 15.000€

Due to accident

Start with the online application

The most affordable annual fees

  • 3 months up to 45 years old


  • 46 - 65 year old


  • 66 - 75 years old


  • 76 - 78 yeaes old


  • 79 years old and above


100% suitable

If you have been asked for private health insurance for residence permit, we know what you are looking for and how to provide it

Policy within the same day

With our online procedure it is possible to obtain your policy even in the same day. From any place in Greece

Real support

Our goal is the provide you with the best possible transactional experience, even for such a standardized procedure

Contact us to get you policy

Call center: 211 800 4634

How soon can i get my policy?

Since both the application and the payment are complete, the policy can be issued within the same or the next business day

Should i renew my policy each year?

Yes. Renewing you policy is required by the authorities if you do not have valid Greek Public Insurance

Is this the right policy?

The requirements are very specific and every insurannce company provides the same policy

How can i pay?

We will provide you with the insurance company's account for a bank transfer after you fill the application form

Do you need legal assistance?

There are several specialized lawyers that can help you with your residence permit case.